4 interior design trends that are here to stay for 2023

4 interior design trends that are here to stay for 2023

If you’re anything like us, the word ‘trend’ probably doesn’t make you very excited. Trends can be seen as harmful in today’s fast-paced society, encouraging us to over-consume and potentially be wasteful.

However, there are some trends that we saw lots of in 2022, and we think they are here to stay for 2023. It seems that there’s a global shift toward prioritizing individuality and comfort in our homes, as opposed to following certain aesthetics and cookie-cutter layouts.

Here’s what we’re loving and what you’ll definitely continue to see a lot more of this year:

Vibrant accents

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This is the year of bold. Incorporating bright colors in your home is a great way to make your space feel playful and exciting. While having an all-white or neutral base in your interior is timeless, we think monochromatic looks are a thing of the past.

Try expanding your palette and taking more chances with color by adding fiery oranges, balmy apricots and serene corals. Think the most beautiful sunset you’ve ever seen! Striking patterns can also create a sense of whimsical fun and bring an air of individuality to your space - you already know we’re all about that ;)

If you prefer making more subtle changes in your home, playing with russet browns is a fantastic way to make a neutral palette seem richer and more intricate. Paler blues and greens can be very versatile depending on how you style them - they can create a vibrant accent, or they can take on the role of white and create a sophisticated sense of calm.


Photo courtesy of our friends at Goodhood.

Ah, plants… For the past few years, our green friends have been instrumental in helping us maintain a connection to nature while having to spend so much of our life inside. Our craving for the outside world saw us getting our hands dirty (literally) and cultivating entire urban jungles!

But plant-parenting isn’t the only way to feel closer to nature in your home. We’re loving the move toward using more natural materials in interior design (wood, clay, cork, stone) and sustainable production practices, as well as nature-inspired tones and statement pieces that resemble greenery. This year, we’re finding inspiration in desert landscapes and mossy greens.

Photo courtesy of @palmbeach.house

'70s forever

It’s no surprise our favorite era is back at the forefront of interior design trends! The ‘lived-in’, cozy aesthetic of the ‘70s is a natural follow-up not only to how much time we’ve been spending at home, but also to the importance we’ve placed on our well-being. What’s not to love?

We’re expecting to see a more curated version of the boho ‘70s in 2023, with most of the emphasis being placed on funky patterns, cozy nooks and curved furniture.

A personal touch

Our favorite trend prediction for 2023 is the move toward individuality!

Prioritizing sustainability and opting for second-hand or vintage furniture creates more opportunity for individual expression, but is also the environmental choice to make. Gallery-like spaces are out, personal touch is in. Try thrifting and playing with the unique pieces you will undoubtedly find, as well as adding personal heirlooms that bring both character and memories to your day-to-day.

There is so much to learn from observing others’ personal preference. There is nothing we find more inspiring than soaking in others’ ideas and seeing how they shape our own. We love seeing how people incorporate our Clr Shop pieces into their spaces and that will absolutely remain our biggest inspiration in 2023.

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