At Home with Arya

At Home with Arya

This week, we're visiting the Serbian-born, Austin-based vibrant pop artist Arya! Take a peak inside her light-filled 340 sqf studio apartment, that is somewhat of a temple to creativity. 


Tell us about you! How did you get into music?

My name is Arya, I’m a Serbian artist making pop music in Austin, Texas. Long story short, when I was 4 years old I hijacked my older brother’s audition to music school and got accepted! From there, I spent the next 12 years studying classical piano in Belgrade before making the leap to Texas to pursue jazz piano. When I graduated college I finally admitted to myself that I wanted to be a pop singer-songwriter, so that’s what I’m pursuing now. 

Tell us about your creative process. Where do you find inspiration?

Everywhere - sometimes it's the physical sensations of the world around me that catch my attention, like the texture of peeling an orange under my fingertips or the way morning light hits my favorite painting. Other times it’s human connection and the complex emotions and experiences that come with it, you know -  all the fake scenarios and fantasies we can spiral into… as well as exploring the relationship I have with myself. But ultimately, it's my discipline that brings any of that inspiration to life.

What's one piece of advice you always go back to when it comes to your career? 

I used to doubt myself A LOT (I still sometimes do) but the quote I keep coming back to that always helps me move forward is: The main difference between people who succeed and the people who don’t is that the ones who succeeded never gave up. 

What makes a space feel like a home?

The smell of Turkish coffee in the morning and loved ones I can share it with.

As a creative, what's your best tip for achieving a sense of balance in your home?

Our surroundings have a profound impact on our ability to think and create, which is why to me Every. Single. Little. Detail. Counts. I live in a 340 sqf studio apartment so I had to be intentional with every inch of my space, and as a result, I’m in love with every single corner of it. My perfect environment for creating (and existing) at home is a cracked window for light and fresh air, clear but comfy space, designated corner for writing, recording or doing nothing, nice lil bevy and smell of Palo Santo.

What are some of your home essentials?

Lots of natural light, fresh flowers, my keyboard, džezva, one good mug, my art collection and most recently, my new favorite blanket!

What are you looking forward to in 2023?

Everything I will get to experience for the first time! There are some things I know that are coming up, like my first concert in Belgrade since the pandemic, my first ever festival performance, first longer EP and visual piece…but also, all the “firsts” I cannot even fathom yet.


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