At Home with Estelle Robinson

At Home with Estelle Robinson

We're in Los Angeles with one of our favorite content creators, Estelle Robinson! Fashionista, interior design lover and public health provider - a true inspirational force. We're peaking into Estelle's detail-filled home this week :)

Tell us about you!

Hi, I’m Estelle! I’m a 30-year old Los Angeles-based Public Health provider by day and content creator by night. I love all things home and interiors, DIY projects, thrifting, fashion - anything to get my creative juices flowing! I've been working in Community Health, specifically in homeless services, for 9 years, and recently started offloading the vicarious trauma that inevitably comes with my line of work, by creating content for brands and sharing my space online. I also love to express myself through modest fashion, and my preference is to highlight the juxtaposition between street-style and femininity. In my free time I love to thrift, travel, spend time with my husband and our spoiled cat, Kenny, as well as my twin sister + friends, and find fun things to do around the city.

What made you want to share your love of interior design on TikTok?

I’ve always shared bits and pieces of my home along with DIY projects and decorating tips to my small following on Instagram, and the feedback was always so positive. I’ve always been the person who assumed other people knew the same decor tips and tricks as me, but I realized folks were really struggling to decorate their homes. I wanted people to know that making your space feel like home could realistically be done on a budget, so I started documenting some of my favorite home finds and sharing transformations to my bedroom, living room, and kitchen. I love the high-end decor styles and home brands, but I'm just not there yet and I know a lot of other folks aren't either, so I wanted to focus on creating inspiration for people with "regular" apartments. I love knowing that folks are practicing sustainability by thrifting and reworking items they already have, and I love that the narrative is shifting towards doing the best with what you have. You don't have to wait until you have your dream or forever home to make your space one you're proud of.

Tell us about your creative process. Where do you find inspiration?

I find tons of inspiration from trends of the past and the nostalgia of my childhood home. I had such an amazing childhood, so I find myself trying to replicate the items that I grew up with that I know and love, to help preserve the memories that mean so much to me. Hence, the giant spider arm floor lamp in my living room. We have a very similar one that is actually still in my family home till this day. The same goes for the Cesca cane chairs and cantilever chairs in my kitchen. I grew up with the same chairs all throughout my childhood. I love vintage pieces that are considered more post-modern, MCM, or space age. I always say I would’ve loved to be a teen in the 80s or 90s. The vibes were truly unmatched and I try to embody that in my home in any way I can. 

What’s one piece of advice you always go back to when it comes to your career?

Just having gratitude and doing it for the right reasons. My career fulfills me and reminds me of the privilege I have as an educated woman with life experiences and access to resources that many don’t have or haven't had. I was raised to be grateful and give back when I can, and I have so much compassion for the community I serve. Their unheard voices and stories are brought to life through our community programs, and what better way to advance society than to help our most vulnerable and marginalized populations? 

What makes a space feel like home?

Honestly, personal touches that make a space feel lived in, like photos of family and friends, mementos from traveling, DIY projects… anything that embodies your personality and individual essence. I always tell folks to add life to their spaces with color, art, patterns, textures, mis-match items, etc. Don’t take it too seriously. If the beige-neutral aesthetic doesn’t really speak to you, don’t fake it. Don’t follow the crowd, be true to yourself. You want to feel a sense of self when you look around your home. Add elements from your culture if possible, have everyday items out on display like dishes, ingredients, spices, ceramics that you might eat out of, supplements, or even fruit or other dry ingredients. Spaces that feel cold often have a common theme - everything is hidden. Organization is key, but keep some elements of life on display.

As a creative, what’s your best tip for achieving a sense of balance in your home?

As someone whose space is used for many things, including working from home for my 9-5, filming and editing content, hosting and more, I’ve been making a conscious effort to get outside the house more to work. Not only do I feel more productive, but I’m able to compartmentalize my energy and reset for the next day. I want my home to be a space of rest and relaxation, and I don’t want to associate it with work or feel like I have to give 100% of myself to any part of my life 24/7 just because my space is a one-stop shop. I recommend for creatives to have a third-space to resort to, to maintain balance. Side note: I wish America cultivated a better quality of life and work-life balance through access to and development of third spaces. 

What are some of your home essentials?

Lighting is a huge element in my home. I love love looove my ambient lighting, color changing bulbs, and candles. As soon as the sun sets, I’m ready to set the mood. I look forward to  lighting incense and candles, and dimming the lights. Also, surprisingly - my Amazon Echo and Alexa lollll. I love to have Alexa play smooth jazz and other soothing music as I wind down for the night. Also, cutesy kitchen essentials and appliances. I have the cutest hand-made ceramics to eat out of, colorful wavy glasses for beverages, fun silverware and knives, utensil holders, hand towels, containers, and even my airfryer. It sounds weird but it makes me look forward to cooking, and staying home to enjoy the space I’ve curated.

What are you looking forward to in the next year?

I’m looking forward to traveling more, creating more content, growing my community, and inspiring and being inspired. I want to explore more of the world both domestically, internationally, and even locally here in Los Angeles. I’m also looking forward to working towards my personal goals and seeing others doing the same. I want everyone to win, whatever that means to them. Cheers!

More of Estelle: Instagram / TikTok 

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