At Home with Gaile Juknyte

At Home with Gaile Juknyte

This week, we bring you something a little different - we're visiting photographer Gaile Juknyte in her nomadic hotel setup! Based in Bali, Gaile is often on the road around the world. She let us into one of her temporary spaces to show us how she brings her personal style with her everywhere she goes!

Tell us about your creative process. Where do you find inspiration when it comes to taking photographs?

At this very moment, my biggest source of inspiration is my island home Bali. I've lived here for nearly five years and it continues to amaze me every single day. Whenever I find myself feeling stuck or on the verge of burnout, I hop on my motorcycle and drive - I know the island will take care of me.

Bali is absolutely abundant in everything you can think of and I’m sure that many creatives who ventured here would agree with me. From the captivating nature, overwhelming landscapes, its most exquisitely designed interiors and artistic havens, to the pool of the most stunning and diverse people that gather here - it has it all! And it keeps changing, it never remains stagnant. As a result, inspiration here flows quickly and freely.

What’s one piece of advice you always go back to when it comes to your career?

Always, always do everything with pure energy and intentions! Whether it’s people you meet and work with, or the places you visit and touch. Energy always comes back.

What makes a space feel like home?

Personal touch, a pleasant scent, carefully curated details! It has to be unique to you.

What’s your best tip for achieving a sense of balance in your home?

Energetic hygiene of your home - cleansing, purification, protection. Make it a daily or at least a weekly ritual. I've learned this from the Balinese - they are masters at this!

What are some of your home essentials?

Oh so many. I really care about details. Even the type of spoons I use for my soup or tea. Details are what make a home!

Handmade good quality incense, maybe a therapy pet, candles, good lightning and your favorite playlist - music is a must! And a good Clr Shop blanket on the sofa :)

What are you looking forward to in the next year?

Being fully surprised by where I'll be taken and what's coming my way. I feel that huge shifts in my career life are coming and that I'm aligning more with my purpose, but it is all in the making! So at this very moment, I’m fully surrendering and finding comfort in the unknown.

More of Gaile: Website / Instagram

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