Friday Spotlight: Hôtel Le Grand Mazarin

Friday Spotlight: Hôtel Le Grand Mazarin

Bienvenue! Picture yourself strolling through the enchanting Marais district of Paris, a place cherished by Parisians and wanderlusters alike. As you turn the corner of Rue des Archives and Rue de la Verrerie, you're welcomed by the dazzling Hôtel Le Grand Mazarin - the first-ever five-star treasure by Maisons Pariente. This week, we're bringing you inside this newly opened whimsical haven! 

At Le Grand Mazarin, relaxation and chic luxury are masterfully woven together. It's like a cozy embrace from Paris itself. The secret ingredient behind this dazzling space is the creative wizardry of Martin Brudnizki, the maestro behind MBDS Design Studio in London.

Brudnizki infused every nook and cranny with antique charm and modern allure. The 14th-century building celebrates the artistic heritage of Paris and harkens back to the literary salons of the Marais from the 17th century, where inspiring minds used to gather. Picture vintage treasures, seashells in the wallpaper, and custom-designed rugs with playful details, like hidden lobsters. In the lobby, you'll find a 19th-century European wedding wardrobe setting the tone, personally discovered by Brudnizki in England. A true patchwork of opulent fabrics and baroque details!

An exquisite place to stay which never ceases to surprise, whether it’s in Boubalé – the cheerful bar-restaurant serving Ashkenazi cuisine courtesy of Michelin-starred Israeli chef Assaf Granit, its secret winter garden or mysterious cabaret, the poetic swimming pool or the hotel’s avant-garde approach to wellbeing courtesy of its partnerships with skincare concept Oh My Cream and beauty therapist Anne Cali. The winning confection has been glazed with Le Grand Mazarin’s service of excellence, which is never stuffy but always attentive.

Brudnizki and Maisons Pariente have called upon the skills of some of France’s greatest craft houses, particularly those marked as Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Companies), the signature of excellence designated by the French state. These artisans still work use the same traditional methods honed by previous generations. Some of these include Maison Pierre Frey for fabrics, Maison Lucien Gau for bronzeworks, Henryrot & Cie for furniture, Art de Lys for tapestry canopies, Pinton 1867 for rugs and Ateliers Gohard for paintings. Each element has been carefully considered to give life to a world as luxurious as it is charming.

From the moment you lay your eyes on Le Grand Mazarin, you'll know it's extraordinary. With classic French style interwoven with poetic touches, this authentic gem harmoniously resides in the heart of one of Paris's oldest districts, the ever-endearing Marais. As you wander through its charming streets, secret squares, and avant-garde boutiques, you'll be part of the real Paris, where locals and globetrotters come together.

More of Hôtel Le Grand Mazarin: Website / Instagram / Maisons Pariente

Photos courtesy of Vincent Leroux and Hôtel Le Grand Mazarin

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