Introducing: 'Blanket Statement' - A Spotify Playlist by Rodes Rollins

Introducing: 'Blanket Statement' - A Spotify Playlist by Rodes Rollins

At Clr Shop, we believe that music is more than just a background melody - it's an integral part of our lives and a source of inspiration for our entire team.

From the founder herself, Talia Taxman, who you surely already know as Rodes Rollins, to each member of our passionate and creative crew, music permeates every aspect of Clr Shop.

That's why we're thrilled to announce that we're launching a curated weekly playlist over on Spotify! Meet Blanket Statement :)

Every week, Rodes will curate a hand-picked selection of songs from artists we love and admire, creating a unique playlist that reflects our passion, style, and the incredible diversity of musical genres out there.

Find the full tracklist below and stay tuned for next week's updates!


Week 1 Tracklist:

1. "Hazy" - Rodes Rollins

2. "Thank You" - Lennon Stella

3. "This Is Your Life" - Hannah Cohen

4. "Please Be Mine" - Molly Burch

5. "Peachy" - Evolfo

6. "Woman in Love" - WILDES

7. "Forever Ain't Enough Time" - Victoria Reed

8. "Intertwined" - Rodes Rollins

9. "sex is good (but have you tried)" - Donna Missal

10. "Woman" - Little Simz, Cleo Sol

11. "Plantasia" - Mort Garson

12. "Down, in Carolina" - Hnry Flwr

13. "Life Go Low" - Sam Evian

14. "The Coffee Cola Song" - Francis Bebey

15. "Old Bone" - Wet

16. "i'm not doing well" - corook

17. "The Good Ones" - Widowspeak

18. "Djurkel" - Pino Palladino, Blake Mills

19. "The Water Is Wide" - Fred Neil

20. "Ediacaran Moonrise" - Barry Walker Jr.

21. "Wes Come Back" - Rodes Rollins

22. "Dead, Again" - Jadu Heart

23. "Vitamin T" - KERA

24. "Habit Creature" - Töth

25. "Don't Panic" - The Harmaleighs

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