Introducing Rodes Rollins' Latest EP: 'Human Error'

Introducing Rodes Rollins' Latest EP: 'Human Error'

Hear, hear - today is a most special day :)

Some of you may already know that our brilliant founder Talia, is also a full time musician. She performs under the name Rodes Rollins, and just released her latest EP 'Human Error' today! It's only right that we celebrate her musical side today & tell you a little more about the mesmerizing new project she's created.

'Human Error' is out on all platforms today, April 7th.

Rodes Rollins makes Americana pop songs that take dusty, psychedelic turns. Her approach to rock n’ roll is transcendental and nostalgic, calling on old Western elements and vintage riffs. She's been compared to indie rock and folk contemporaries like Weyes Blood and Meg Remy of U.S. Girls, and has worked with notable artists including members of Warpaint, Portugal The Man, Devendra Banhart, Electric Guest, and Major Lazer. 

'Human Error' is Rollins' first EP since 2020, and a true showcase of her growth as both an artist and a person. 

Rollins tells us: "I named this project 'Human Error' to reflect the paradoxical nature of human psychology (& the personal experiences I was going through at the time). Human error can be viewed as a forgiving phrase, allowing us to accept our flaws and imperfections. However, it can also be viewed as something much darker, as we acknowledge that both individuals and society as a whole are inherently flawed."

The EP features six tracks, with five accompanying visuals. 

'Intertwined', the first single of 'Human Error', opens the EP & sets the tone for what's to come. It draws us in with Rollins' signature velvety vocals telling us a story that echoes in longing. A longing to overcome hardship, and a longing to make sense of a world that simply wasn't making sense to Rollins at the time.

The tracks that follow take us on an exploration of human error & how we cope in the face of it all. 

Just like life itself, this EP is a rollercoaster of rhythms & melodies'Human Error' is a journey through soundscapes that range from mellow & introspective to upbeat & fiesty. 


Check out the project here and enjoy!


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Love it ! Congratulations Talia and thanks so much for sharing your gifts with the world 🙏💗

Judy Greenan

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