Introducing the 'Kitchen Sink' Throw: A Whimsical Tapestry

Introducing the 'Kitchen Sink' Throw: A Whimsical Tapestry

Are you seeking an extraordinary touch of creativity and vibrancy for your home? We are thrilled to unveil our latest creation - the 'Kitchen Sink' woven throw blanket!

We designed the 'Kitchen Sink' with the idea of making a bold statement and adding a burst of color and texture to any room. With its captivating multi-pattern patchwork design, it celebrates diversity and invites you to embrace the beauty of eclectic style.

This is not your average cozy cover-up. From classic stripes and swirly florals to block colors and a nod to 'Twirls & Swirls', this blanket is a celebration of diversity and creativity.

The 'Kitchen Sink' offers a delightful surprise every time you fold it, too - with each new fold, the patterns transform and create a unique arrangement that never ceases to captivate. It's like having a brand new piece of art every time you use it. This whimsical feature invites you to let your imagination run wild, experimenting with different combinations and discovering fresh perspectives :) 



Love the latest addition to the Clr Shop family!! ♥️

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Imagine draping this vibrant blanket over your favorite armchair, embellishing your bed, or even using it as a picnic companion on sun-drenched days. The 'Kitchen Sink' is not just an accessory - it's the missing puzzle piece that ties in any room.

Break free from convention and dive headfirst into a world where patterns collide and magic unfolds with every fold. Mix and match, layer and experiment – the possibilities are as vast as your imagination!

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