Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Blanket & Movie Pairings for December

Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Blanket & Movie Pairings for December

December has arrived! Slowly but surely, we’re laying the foundation for the last month of 2023. We’re making progress on our resolutions (if that’s your thing), settling into the winter routine, and, like many, eagerly anticipating the New Year. Of course, the twelfth month of the year also means it’s almost time for Christmas :)

This week, we're leaning into the festive spirit and we're in the mood to snuggle up with these delightful blanket & movie pairings! 

Boxer /  "The Holiday" (2006)

With cozy English cottages, Los Angeles sunshine, and a sprinkle of romantic serendipity, "The Holiday" is like a warm hug from an old friend. It's the perfect recipe for laughter, love, and the kind of holiday cheer that leaves you reaching for a cup of hot cocoa and a cozy blanket. 

Patchwork / "Rye Lane" (2023)

If you're feeling like moving away from the classic Christmas film repertoire, jump into the visually stunning "Rye Lane". Wander through the streets of South London and laugh along with Dom and Yas, as they connect an eventful day. Hands down the best romcom of the year - do not miss it!

Dancing Shapes - Forest Green / "The Grinch" (2018)

The green, mean, and surprisingly endearing Grinch is always a welcome guest in December! This animated spectacle turns Dr. Seuss's classic tale into a laugh-out-loud holiday adventure. With vibrant visuals, catchy tunes, and a heartwarming message, "The Grinch" is the perfect antidote to any holiday humbug. 

Farmhouse / "Past Lives" (2023)

Two inseparable childhood friends in the vibrant tapestry of South Korea are suddenly torn apart when one of them sets off on a life-changing journey. Fast forward two decades, and their lives converge once more, creating a poignant tale of love and destiny. In this heartwarming reunion, the echoes of their shared past resonate as they navigate the complexities of emotions and the passage of time. This year's go-to rollercoaster of emotions and a film that might just leave you questioning the intricacies of fate and the enduring power of true friendship.

Plaid - Blue Green / "It's a Wonderful Life" (1946)

This timeless classic is the perfect dose of nostalgia for your soul, with a generous helping of heart, humor, and a touch of holiday magic. A man on the brink of despair is shown the profound impact of his existence by a guardian angel. This heartwarming film beautifully captures the essence of human connections, the importance of kindness, and the true meaning of a life well-lived. It's always a good time for a reminder to cherish the blessings we have!

We hope you'll feel inspired cozy up, by yourself or with a loved one. Regardless of your choice, may it be merry!

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