Pets of Clr Shop

Pets of Clr Shop

Behold, as cuddly companions and cozy comforts come together in the most adorable way!

We were in need of some joy today and thought we'd share this delightful collection of heartwarming moments captured by our beloved customers. From playful pups to curious kitties, we have received an overwhelming number of pictures showcasing furry friends reveling in the blissful embrace of our blankets.

Enjoy the irresistible charm and undeniable cuteness of these four-legged family members, who have made our blankets their ultimate source of comfort and joy. Get ready to "aww" your way through an enchanting parade of pets who have discovered their happy place amidst the softness and warmth of Clr Shop pieces. 

Talia's pup Wally - living his best life & being a Wild Thing

Gilbert making sure that All does in fact Check Out - (@gilbertthesphynx)

Early's stunning Cowgirl - (@earlyfergiee)

Cozy baby, resting in some Dancing Shapes - (@nagagutsuwo_haitaneko)

Inga Hampton's baby taking a well-deserved siesta on the Fiesta - (@ingahampton)

Doris weighing out her blanket options - (@dodo_bird19)

Tara's puppy napping on Melted Butterscotch - (@tarawilloughby.styling)

All Checks Out, including this sweet puppy face - (@dmongeee)

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