Reading List: 3 Novels for Fall

Reading List: 3 Novels for Fall

Fall has officially been here for a few weeks already & we've been hard at work launching our 5 new blanket designs, as well as a series of wall hangings handmade by our founder Talia. The transition into the new season has been quick and busy - we're just now noticing the gradual slowing down, the days getting crisper & those layering pieces starting to make their way into our clothing rotation :)

We wanted to take a moment and celebrate the coming season(s) of being cozy with a short reading list. We hope these books keep you warm in the days to come!

"The Fraud" by Zadie Smith

Based on actual historical events, "The Fraud" - Zadie Smith's first historical novel - is a brilliant exploration of the blurred boundaries between truth and fabrication. Inspired by a fascinating 19th-century court case, this gripping story delves into the complex tapestry of Jamaica and Britain, authenticity and deception, and the enigmatic nature of people. 

"Loved and Missed" by Susie Boyt

"Love and Missed" is a brilliantly clever, sharp, and sardonically witty novel that explores the triumphs and stumbles of love. This is the seventh novel from the talented British writer Susie Boyt, and the recent New York Review Books edition marks her debut in the United States. Prepare to embark on a journey through the complexities of love and its unpredictable twists and turns, following the mother-daughter relationships of Ruth, Eleanor and Lily. 

"North Woods" by Daniel Mason

A captivating narrative that weaves through the ages, centered around a single rustic abode nestled in the enchanting woods of New England. It all begins with two young lovers fleeing from the constraints of a Puritan settlement, blissfully unaware that their humble woodland cabin will bear witness to an extraordinary procession of inhabitants. From an English soldier who abandons the battlefield for the allure of apple orchards to spinster twins who weather wars and famine, only to be ensnared by envy and desire. Each individual grapples with the enigmatic wonders of the northern woods, where the past resurfaces with an unyielding vigor. This novel explores the magical connections that endure.

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