Sizzling Summer Reads: 5 Books to Dive Into

Sizzling Summer Reads: 5 Books to Dive Into

As the summer heat settles in, it's time to grab a cold drink, find a cozy spot, and indulge in some captivating reads. Whether you're lounging by the pool, relaxing on the beach, or seeking refuge in the comfort of your air-conditioned haven, we have a fantastic lineup of books that will keep you hooked all summer long. From thrilling mysteries to thought-provoking tales, these page-turners are guaranteed to make your summer reading experience an unforgettable one. Here's our handpicked selection of summer reads!


"The Lost Americans" by Christopher Bollen

In the bustling heart of Cairo, where ancient history collides with modern intrigue, lies a city that never fails to captivate. Cairo is a place of contradictions, where secrets are whispered in the shadows and nothing is ever as it seems.

"The Lost Americans" by Christopher Bollen takes us on a thrilling journey to this tumultuous global capital, where the enigmatic death of Eric Castle, a weapons technician, sets off a chain of events that will shake the foundations of power. Determined to uncover the truth behind her brother's demise, Eric's sister Cate embarks on a dangerous quest, aided by the charismatic and courageous Omar, a young gay Egyptian desperate to break free from the shackles of his oppressive society.

Christopher Bollen masterfully crafts a riveting thriller that immerses readers in the chaotic and vibrant atmosphere of Cairo - a city teeming with life, yet hiding sinister secrets beneath its surface. The characters he brings to life are complex and multifaceted, each carrying their own burdens and desires. From Cate's unwavering determination to Omar's yearning for freedom, their journeys intertwine in a mesmerizing dance of danger and suspense.

"Yellowface" by R.F. Kuang

In a world of white lies, dark humor, and perilous consequences, bestselling sensation Juniper Song finds herself caught in a web of deception. But who is Juniper Song, really? R.F. Kuang delivers a chilling and wickedly funny tale that will leave you questioning everything.

Meet June Hayward and Athena Liu, two authors destined for greatness. While Athena basks in literary glory, June remains a nobody in the shadows. Tired of stories centered around basic white girls, June yearns for recognition. When tragedy strikes and June witnesses Athena's untimely demise, she seizes a daring opportunity. Stealing Athena's completed masterpiece—a groundbreaking novel shedding light on the overlooked contributions of Chinese laborers in World War I—June takes on a new identity: Juniper Song.

"Yellowface" tackles profound questions of diversity, racism, and cultural appropriation in a world consumed by social media's isolating influence. R.F. Kuang's timely and razor-sharp novel invites readers into an immersive experience, where the lines between truth and deception blur, and the consequences of ambition loom large.

"Nothing Special" by Nicole Flattery

Step into the vibrant and tumultuous world of 1960s New York City, where two young women navigate the legendary realm of Andy Warhol's Factory and discover themselves in the process.

Seventeen-year-old Mae finds herself trapped in a dilapidated apartment with her alcoholic mother and her mother's on-and-off boyfriend, Mikey. Fed up with the superficiality of her high school peers and the unsavory men she encounters, Mae makes the bold decision to drop out. Little does she know that this choice will lead her down a path that will reshape her entire existence. An unexpected opportunity arises when Mae is offered a job as a typist for the renowned artist Andy Warhol. 

Flattery brilliantly crafts a coming-of-age tale that explores themes of friendship, independence, and the intricate construction of art and identity. This whip-smart novel vividly captures the essence of young women during this iconic and transformative moment in history. 

"Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow" by Gabrielle Zevin

Spanning three decades, from the streets of Cambridge, Massachusetts, to the sun-soaked shores of Venice Beach, California, and beyond, "Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow" by Gabrielle Zevin is a dazzling masterpiece of intricate imagination. This novel explores the multifaceted nature of identity, disability, failure, the redemptive power of play, and above all, our innate longing for connection, love, and acceptance. Yes, at its core, it is a love story, but one unlike any you have encountered before.

It all begins on a frosty December day during Sam Masur's junior year at Harvard. Emerging from a subway car into a sea of people on the platform, he spots Sadie Green. He calls out her name, and for a fleeting moment, she feigns ignorance. But then, she turns, and their game begins—a legendary collaboration that will thrust them into the spotlight. As lifelong friends, their bond propels them to borrow money, seek favors, and, even before college graduation, they create their first groundbreaking video game, Ichigo. Overnight, the world becomes their playground. Sam and Sadie, not even twenty-five years old, find themselves brilliant, successful, and wealthy. Yet, these qualities offer no immunity from the relentless pursuit of their creative ambitions or the treacherous betrayals of their hearts.

Zevin's mesmerizing narrative takes readers on a journey through time and space, unveiling the triumphs and tribulations of Sam and Sadie's intertwined lives. Their experiences transcend mere pixels on a screen, delving into the depths of their souls and the complexities of human relationships. "Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow" challenges conventions, defies expectations, and unearths the profound truths that lie within the human spirit.

"Cleopatra and Frankenstein" by Coco Mellors

Cleo's grip on New York City is slipping away. Despite attending a different party almost every night, she feels like a stranger amidst the buzzing crowds. Her student visa is expiring, and she can't even afford a pack of cigarettes. That's when she encounters Frank. Two decades her senior, Frank's life is a tapestry of success and excess, in stark contrast to Cleo's limited prospects. He offers her the promise of happiness, the freedom to pursue her passion for painting, and the opportunity to secure a green card. In return, Cleo brings beauty and art into Frank's world, hoping to inspire him to curtail his drinking. Right now, he is everything she craves.

"Cleopatra and Frankenstein" is an astounding and achingly relatable debut novel that explores the profound impact of spontaneous decisions on our entire existence. It delves into the intricacies of imperfect relationships born from unexpectedly perfect moments. Prepare to be captivated by the author's exquisite storytelling as you navigate the aftermath of Cleo and Frank's impulsive union. 

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