Styling Tips: Muted Maximalism

Styling Tips: Muted Maximalism

Creating balanced vibrancy

Born out of a response to the sleek nature of mid-century modernism, the ‘more-is-more’ approach in modern interior design started gaining traction in the early 1980s. The style is characterized by the layering of textures and eras, mixing patterns, and putting an emphasis on unique furniture silhouettes.

Typically, you might think of clashing neon colors and over-the-top antiques, but the principles of maximalism can also be used within a more muted color palette to create a harmonious, yet visually stimulating space.

This week, we wanted to play with the idea of ‘muted maximalism’ to style our Fiesta Mocha throw!

This Bovenkamp lounge chair from the 1950s and this side table are pieces that add structural variety. Mixing different wood finishes is very stimulating to the eye, while textured upholstery warmth and a sense of comfort. We loved this vibrant olive green in combination with the rich brown of the wooden base.

A sure way to keep your space maximalist is to mix design eras and styles. To steer away from the Scandinavian-like vibe of the chair and side table, we chose contrasting pieces like this traditional Moroccan rug or this stunning vessel by Mexican ceramist Gustavo Pérez.

Not only do these pieces from pull from different cultural traditions, but they also feature distinct patterns and colors that, when placed together, don’t clash, but rather complement each other and make the space dynamic.

Finally, adding black and grey bedding to the mix ties everything together. Imagine how different the atmosphere of this space would be if the bedding was, say, bright orange and pink! Dark solid colors don’t have to be a minimalistic choice. In this case, the bedding works well with our muted color scheme and creates what feels like a solid and very well-balanced foundation.

Other products included from left to right: Astrid Round Side Table via Urban Outfitters, Lamp via Site Unseen, Mushroom Lamp via Jos Devriendt, Blackline Mug via Artful Home. 

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